Things I learned at my second workaway


Looking at my second workaway

A community in the nature – no electricity, no running water, campfires and yoga. For my second workaway I wanted the full on hippie experience and in a way I got it. But as always, imagination and reality turned out to be a little different. I defnitely did not imagine myself making ballon animals by candlelight in the middle of a forest, but let me start at the beginning. The “community” I found turned out to only consist of Pedro Pajarito, a positively crazy belgium clown with a big heart who makes his living by selling homemade german bread in the nearby village. The place he had created in the middle of rich green trees and close to the river was gorgeous. I loved so many aspects of the simple life that he was leading: the constant smell of fire, washing dishes in the river, being outside all day…


The communal kitchen and only “building”

Also Pedro was always thankfull of my help and company and an interesting person to talk to. I didn’t mind sharing a big dusty tent, the lack of decent tools or how my clothes got dirtyer in one day there than in the previous two months of travelling together, but when the two other volunteers Marie and Remi left just a day after my arrival I soon realized I needed more people around me. At the end I only stayed five days, but I a still thankfull for the time. I learned a lot of new skills such as making a ballon poodle, turning an old can into a stove, making natural insect repellant from scratch and starting a fire (I am still bad at this but I got a lot better).


One of the most important constructions: the stove

I also learned a bit about myself and so here is another list of random insights:

  • A heartfelt thank you makes a huge difference and shows so much appreciation.
  • I need some security. I probably couldn’t live without health insurance or only start making money for food when I completely run out of it.
  • Living in a tent permanently (as Pedro does) wouldn’t be an option for me.
  • Sharing skills is a lot of fun and I should attempt to do this more often. Even with things I am not an expert at myself.

Sharing my crochet skills and creating recycleart

  • I appreciate a little crazyness.
  • When it comes to vending stuff I am such a capitalist, always trying to optimize processes or save money.
  • I really enjoy and should practice more yoga. The best way to do this for me might be to share it with other people as I am a bit lazy when by myself.
  • Weirdly I expect people that are much older than me to “have their life together” or “figured out” more than I do. This is a really stupid expectation at my age plus everyone is probably a little clueless at times.

The river – a place to wash dishes, clothes and myself


2 thoughts on “Things I learned at my second workaway

  1. Oh thats a lovely area! And your pictures & stories make me want to go back there!
    Samaipatha brings back memories…

    Que te vaya bien 😉


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