Bolivian Street Art

If you think about Bolivia, street art is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind. However, in my two months here I have come a cross some works I really liked and as they don’t really fit my other posts I have decided to give them their own space. Unfortunately I missed the “bike art tour” in Cochabamba, but if you ever come to this vibrant city full of colourful graffiti I really recommend discovering its art (be it on a bycicle or by foot).


Mystic andenean symbols near the witches market  (La Paz)


Coca leaves impact culture, art and everyday life (Cochabamba)


Colourful mexican influences (Cochabamba)


A space lama (Cochabamba)


Don’t forget that the strengh of Bolivia are its women (Uyuni)


Faded sticker art of a traditionally dressed bolivian woman (Potosi)


Hooded person – a shoe cleaner? (La Paz)


Monster and yet another Cholita (La Paz)

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