Quiet days


View of the Floodplain with dark clouds approaching

Lately this blog has become quiet and so has my life. Helping at Mukolo Camp, a newly developing campsite in the Zambezi region, has been nice but uneventful. With a view of the Kawango floodplain we are visited daily by a variety of birds and sometimes even otters and crocodiles, but not a lot of people. For the first time in Namibia there are many trees and countless shades of green, but the temperatures have dropped and and most days now are rainy and grey.


Unfortunately I don’t often get to use the swimming pool

My days are usually spent ironing linen, painting signs or (my favorite activity) working with wood to help build furniture for the self-catering cabins. Slowly, Henni is realizing that even as a woman I can be  trusted with tools and his wife Veronica is making sure we get fed well. Lately though the southafrican volunteer Travis and me have started to take turns preparing dinner every now and then which is nice for a change.


One of my first jobs: writing on a Mukolo (wooden canoe)

The evenings end early and are filled with the constant noise of countless frogs. If we get lucky, the hippos even come to visit us and we can watch them from the terrace. But after dinner there is a habit of everyone taking up a book or their phone and this is starting to bore me. I am missing lively chats and new people, slowly realizing just how important having a social life is for me! I love nature and it has been lovely here, but I think it is getting time to move on. I need to be on the road again, hopefully meeting lots of people along the way. Luckily there is only a week left of my visa and time here until I cross the border to Botswana and I am already excited to see what new experiences this country will bring…


One of the smaller but nonetheless beautiful animals here


It wouldn’t be Namibia if there weren’t colorful sunsets

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